5 tips when starting in a new job

Watch my brand-new video on tips for building a solid foundation during first45days when starting a new job. Though this can apply to most job levels, my primary focus in this video was on experience levels between 0 to 8 years and for non-leadership roles. I will release another video for senior/leadership roles. Enjoy the video…


Below is list of points covered in the video for reference:

1.    Create good perception right at the beginning

  • a.    Time management
  • b.    Sense of urgency
  • c.    A bit of passion for work

2.    Forge relationships

  •  EQ matters, what you forge in first 45 days can last until you leave the company

3.    Do not make assumptions, you still don’t know how things work here but ask questions

4.    Do not chant your old company’s name all the time, however good that might be

5.    Keep an open mind, you asked for change, and change is messy initially

All the best for your new gig, I truly believe that you will make it work,



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